Fairbanks Glory Hole
Oral Services for the Well Endowed Top - West of Fairbanks in Ester, Alaska

Available by appointment, email for yours: fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com
Open: Sensible hours

A little NERVOUS?

Did just READING the "Beginner's Guide" make you anxious?

(If you haven't read it yet, you may want to read the "Beginner's Guide" for how this place works.)

First time huh? I wish I had something to prove to you that you will be
anonymous and safe here. Or could put you in touch with some of the guys that
have been through this and have offered to help me explain it to you; but I know
that until you get to know us, anything we say probably wont help much. So...

Here is a list of basic facts about the Fairbanks Glory Hole:

- COVID Precautions: All surfaces are disinfected before and after your visit.
A large, efficient, HRV (Heat RecoveryVentilator) air exchanger is run for half an
hour before and after your visit, ensuring two complete household air changes
before each visit. Disinfecting wipes and soaps are always in reach and available.

- Just testing?
-- Have you always been curious to know if it feels better from a guy?
-- Do you want to do it once just for the "bucket list" experience?
-- Or are you only looking for a very good blow-job, not a lifestyle?

There is no better place to answer these questions and experiment with sex than at
this glory hole. No demands, no questions, here it is just about your cock doing what
cums naturally when it meets a talented mouth. And all while you watch whatever
porn you want on line; no one sees and no one judges.

- You are safe here: There is nothing to gain by messing with you. When
you get the address Google it for crime stats or other bad news  there isnt any.
Besdies, you are in complete control here; don't like what you see or where things
are heading - just zip up and walk out the door. No apologies needed, no need to
make polite excuses. We have never met and have never spoken.

- No one will see you: the glory hole is in a quiet forested residential
area with private parking and your car is not visible from the road. There are
very few houses, all far from the road, and only two not so near neighbors.
You cum and go unobserved, yet you are only minutes from town.

- No one is going to find out: I only have your sex email address. I don't
know who you are, and besides, who am I going to tell? And why?

- No surprises: What you see in the photos and descriptions is what youll
get. No unwelcome extras, no gotchas.

- No charge: This isnt a house of prostitution. It doesnt cost much to run
a glory hole, so its a free service to you.

- Only good times are made here: One visitor was relieved to find that
this place wasnt also a meth lab or crack house! Blowjobs, really good blowjobs
and sack draining nuts are our only products here.

- No need to talk: It is pretty clear what needs to be done. Most guys
dont say a word.

- Where will the cocksucker be? I stay behind the glory hole wall. There is
a locked door between us and it is a twelve foot straight run from the glory hole
to the front door exit. In other words, its an easy escape. :-)

- When its over, its over: After our session ends, I will NOT contact you;
I always wait for you to contact me. If you dont email or text me  you wont hear
from me again.

- What about diseases? Health? Receiving a blow job is probably the least risky
of the wet sexual acts. There are free condoms here for you to use and soap and
disinfectant soap for cleanup afterwards. I dont want a disease so I take every
precaution to prevent them.

- Will it make you gay? Some of the toughest, straightest men in prison get
blow jobs from men regularly. Try telling them that they are gay... go ahead, Ill
wait. Guys need sexual release  and theyll get it one way or another. A glory
hole is one of the easiest, no-strings ways to get head. You walk out of here
just as straight as you walked in - and way more relaxed.

- Cheating? Sort of, but this isnt a romance, youre not going to leave
your wife for a glory hole. This is just a way to get some quick physical relief.
Hell, someday they will have a machine that does this for you. Even better,
having sex here can take some of the pressure off you and your wife or
girlfriend; especially when she wont suck or isnt very good at it.

- Too good to be true? Seems so doesn't it? And in normal daily life we
are warned to avoid anything that seems "too good to be true." The mistake in
applying this rule to a glory hole is that here we are dealing with human sexual
desires and rational logic just doesn't apply. So what may look like an imbalance
is actually a fair exchange of value, each party getting the things they value most.
So think of it this way: You get what you want, I get what I want, and everyone
goes away happy and satisfied. So why not?

Finally, dry runs are available: Ask to stop by the place for a non-sexual
walk through. Everything will be setup and running but we wont play  just look
in and leave. The drive out here is scenic and what harm is there is in just checking
things out? Besides if you want to really lose that nervous feeling, you can always
walk over and get that blow job.

In over seven years no one has ever walked out of here dissatisfied with the
place or how they were treated; nearly every man leaves here unloaded
and the large majority come back for more. Some have even recommended it
to their friends, and two have returned with their girlfriends.

This place is all about having fun and feeling REALLY good, so lets have some fun!

Thank you!

P.S. to my regulars: Is there anything I could have said that would have made your
first time easier? Drop me some ideas at fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com Thanks!

FGH - Discreet and secluded - park and walk right in.
FGH - Discreet and secluded - park and walk right in.

A straight shot from the front door. What you see is what you get.
A straight shot from the front door. What you see is what you get.

Another straight guy finds relief.
Another straight guy finds relief.

FAQ: "Well Endowed" Defined

FYI: What it looks like with all the lights on

What the Guys Are Saying About FGH

FYI: This rarely happens here.

"For guys who believe that oral isn't just foreplay, it's the main event!"

You must be an adult (over 18) to play here. No Exceptions. There is NO charge.
Email: fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com for more info and to make a reservation

I respect your privacy. Discretion and your satisfaction are my highest priorities!
Fairbanks Glory Hole - The Perfect Fit