Fairbanks Glory Hole
Oral Services for the Well Endowed Top - West of Fairbanks in Ester, Alaska

Available by appointment, email for yours: fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com
Available: Sensible hours

Well Endowed? - A Somewhat Snarky Guide to Size.
Simple as "Tube Plus Two" (OK 6.5+ or thick)

Fairbanks gloryhole is open to "well endowed" guys - guys with nice or large cocks. There is just a wee bit of controversy about the measuring of cock size, but by general agreement:

     American average is 5.5 to 6.5 inches
     Well hung is 7 - 8 inches
     Very well hung is 8+ inches.

In my experience, a hung guy knows he's well hung because people have been telling him so all of his life.That is the kind of guy I like to work with.

While this is my personal preference, there is also a practical side to it. At the gloryhole, we sacrifice at least one "working" inch just getting through the hole. It's simple geometry. If 4 of your "8 inches" are buried deep inside you, we'll have only 4 external inches available, and only 3 remaining inches for active duty after getting into position.

With numbers like these, there is going to be a lot of head-banging going on and it's going to be on my side of the wall. Not fun! Requiring longer length in this line of work is a simply a matter of self preservation!

Therefore any definition of male endowment needs to include measurement of what architects call the free standing or cantilever span length (Cantilever = a projecting structure or "member", free standing, supported and attached only at one end), or what carpenters call "standing proud" - the part that "sticks out".

So, I'd like to suggest a standard that everyone can "measure up" to. A standard cardboard toilet paper tube measures 4.5 inches long by 5.5 inches in circumference. (Cheaper roll tubes are usually shorter, but they are fatter.)

Now add a couple of inches of length to this and you have the official FGH definition of "well endowed":

A TP tube + 2 inches in length, or 6.5 x 5.5 inches::    Simple - "Tube Plus Two!"   ;-)

To see if you measure up, just obtain a tube and stand it up next to your "better half" at full staff. If you "stand taller" - you're heading in the right direction. If you beat it by two - Come On Down!!

Special Offer!: Since I'm such a nice guy, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Just for you I'll let you take an inch off the length and add it to the girth and we'll call it square. Such a deal!

What Kinsey found when he lifted the sheets:
(He found that only 1% of the population measured over 8 inches ... just sayin'.)
Use me to measure you

5.5 inches in circumference - a nice size.

What Kinsey found when he lifted the sheets: I'll take the upper half.

FYI: What it looks like with ALL the lights on

What the Guys Are Saying About FGH

"Just a place to drop a load and go. No one needs to know"

You must be an adult (over 18) to play here. No Exceptions. There is NO charge.
Email: fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com for more info and to make a reservation

I respect your privacy. Discretion and your satisfaction are my highest priorities!
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