Fairbanks Glory Hole
Oral Services for the Well Endowed Top - West of Fairbanks in Ester, Alaska

Available by appointment, email for yours: fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com
Available: Sensible hours

Beginners Guide - What to Expect

For those new to glory hole action, here is how it works:

Make An Appointment:

To protect your privacy, all visits to the FGH are by appointment only. These
are scheduled to avoid the chance of visitors unintentionally seeing one another.
(Of course, if you want to meet up with some friends here - great!)

1. Email fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com to request an appointment time and
state the type of videos you wish to view (or not view) while here. (Emails with
pictures go to head of line!) Suggest a time that is best for you and I will email
an appointment confirmation back to you if the time slot is available.

2. If you are a first time visitor: Email fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com
an hour or two ahead of your appointment and I will send you the address and
detailed driving instructions. (Easy to find.)

Your Visit:
The glory hole building is in a rural, forested neighborhod far from traffic and
folks who might know you. Follow the driveway to the parking spot then walk
to the brown door and knock.   The door is unlocked, so come in after knocking.
When you enter you are in the glory hole room.  Videos are already playing on
the screens and Internet is available.  Use the adjacent bathroom if you want.
Waterless cabin dwellers: take a shower if you like. Feel free to use the outdoor
hot tub - before or after.

If this is an anonymous visit (if we do not already know one another), I will not speak
to you and you don't have to speak to me, but can if you want to. I'll try to answer
all of your questions.  If you are uncomfortable or anything seems creepy or fishy
- just walk out. No hard feelings. But if you are ready to go, walk up and stand in
front of the glory hole, unzip, lean in and I'll do the rest. Condoms are available
on the shelf.

Feel free to let me know what does or doesn't work for you anytime during the
session. I want this to be good for you, so let me know if I need to go faster
or slower, deeper or lighter.  I always work to give you a fast, intense workout,
so if "slow and easy" is your thing, just let me know ahead of time. In fact I love
giving slow "edging" blowjobs (search xtube.com for men "pvtglryholenyc" or
"IngloriousOne" for examples of this technique.)

In any case, feel free to pull back for a moment to cool things down.  Some of my
regulars like a little extra stimulation, like warm water mouth rinses or mouth
stroking with a flesh-lite type ring. If you think you might like this too, let me know
and we'll try it. (If you would like a more detailed, graphic description - email me.)

When the time comes, and you do too, just clean up and head on out - no
need to say anything. To preserve anonymity, I will remain on my side of the
wall until you have left the building.  For health and safety, there are soap,
towels and disinfectant wipes available for cleanup.  

This place is all about having fun and feeling REALLY good, so let's have some fun!

Thank you!
He greets you on your first visit.

Just Lean In, very comfortable!

From the road: Private and secluded - hidden parking
From the road: Private and secluded - hidden parking

First time? A little NERVOUS?

FGH: Theory of Operation

FAQ: "Well Endowed" Defined

FYI: What it looks like with all the lights on

What the Guys Are Saying About FGH

FYI: This rarely happens here.

"For guys who believe that oral isn't just foreplay, it's the main event!"

You must be an adult (over 18) to play here. No Exceptions. There is NO charge.
Email: fairbanksgloryhole@gmail.com for more info and to make a reservation

I respect your privacy. Discretion and your satisfaction are my highest priorities!
Fairbanks Glory Hole - The Perfect Fit